Oct 30, 2007

Im here! Im here!

I had a great and fun weekend. The girls spent it with their grandparents' and Ron and I had a nice time together. I can't say that we did anything spectacular, but we did have a really nice time TOGETHER.

Its turned cold here in the south. Seems as though Fall has actually fallen. This is the view from my side deck, is it not gorgeous? Peaceful? Serene? Tennessee's colors are breath taking right now.

This morning I was freezing. I scurried around to get my chores and errands done so that I could build a fire and enjoy its warmth. Again...such beauty--But I am broiling now. HOT! OK, so I had no idea that itd get this dang warm here today. Kind of an oxymoron to have the windows open and a fire in the fireplace. But as I have mentioned before I dont claim to be a rocket scientist!

Another thing that caught my eye today was this gorgeous flower. Now on a typical Summer day its beauty would be masked by all of the other bright and cheerful colors out there. But here, right now, its fall. Its beautiful colors of red, orange, brown & burgandy...deep and subtle. This little flower is pink and just as lush as it can be. WOW! How beautifully blessed we are!

And last but not least a beautiful little image. Its that time of year when we must be thinking about the holidays. Enjoy your fall days.

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