Oct 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Its that great day where kids young and old are celebrating the Halloween tradition. No, my family doesnt practice releasing spirits or looking for witches, but we do love to dress up and get candy and just plain have fun. This year we are sporting a Ninja and a black cat.

And what is more fantastic than dressing up and getting ready to go Trick Or Treating? Well making the holiday cookies of course. Last night we decorated our spooky treats while watching The Great Pumpkin. The girls dont have quite the excitement for this once a year special as we did as kids. The cookies are fabulous and of course disappearing quickly!

Did you notice anything extra special about that CAT up there? She has no cast!

The doctor put Hannah in a walking boot for three more weeks. She is still real sore, but has been enjoying her freedom and being able to walk. He said she was healing nicely, but as a procaution he needed to see it braced for awhile longer. We are ok...just no more casts!

Probly wont be much creating going on here today as we are heading out to the various festivals tonight and I will spend my day preparing for those. Many hugs to all my friends and family. Thanks for keeping up with us. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Anonymous said...

YES! I DID notice NO CAST!! And, those cookies are lookin' too, too good! The Lytles have some fun Happy Halloween memories & I still wish we could give out REAL treats to the kids rather than these store bought/wrapped goodies. Some years I go with handing out pencils or something else of that sort. Halloween Hugs ~ Ellie