Mar 2, 2016

Some Beach, Some Where

I am a firm believer in MIND OVER MATTER.  I believe that of course there are sicknesses that give you absolutely no choice but to feel bad and miserable. I also believe that we can overcome a lot of our "feel bads" by simply telling ourselves that we are fine.  There is nothing wrong.  That we can make our bodies and moods change by simply telling ourselves that we are ok.

However, what happens when you can't?  

The thing is....I have been hearing from a couple of people that I am not me.  I am not acting right.  Hannah says my voice has even changed.  Something is wrong.   ????????

How often do we start to believe what everyone says about us?  We can shrug it off a couple of times, we can deny it and say it is not true, but after awhile the thoughts enter our head that maybe there IS something wrong.  Maybe we are NOT ok?  So then you spend hours trying to think of all the things that is wrong with us.  What happens though, when you can't do that either?  What happens when you have no answers for your behavior?  Especially such that you didn't even know you had.  

This is what I am dealing with today.  I am searching for the differences in me and of course feeling even more subconscious that I am not acting right.  I think I need a vacation.  To a beach somewhere.  Some sand between my toes and salt water air.  Yes...I think that would be lovely.  Anyone care to make that happen for me??   Some Beach, Some Where....there's an umbrella, casting a shadow over and empty chair....

Another Mojo challenge for you today!  :)


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