Jun 22, 2015


Have you ever watched people dance to dubstep?  I mean to listen to the music alone, without any other form of entertainment is simply ludicrous if you ask me, and needs to carry a seizure warning label with each beat. But the dancers are seriously very very talented.  I can promise you, if I were to try this at home it would NOT be beautiful and intriguing, but rather be a prompt for you to dial 9-1-1.  So why do I care to share this awesome little dance move? The truth is. She's good.  She's really good, she knows it and it shows.  So no of course I can't dance like this, and I can pretty much guarantee I can't build rockets like my friend Ashley (ha!  She really IS a rocket scientist!). Nor can I sell construction equipment as well as my husband.   

I kinda suck at parenting in most aspects.  I have always tried to be FRIENDS with my kids, not playing the parent card so well.  When I have a total melt down, a complete come apart and my head does a 360, only then do my kids take notice that I mean what I say.  But that is ok.  I am a friend to them, theyre well on their way to adulthood and I think will do society proud once they enter into the real world.  They will also never ever doubt that they are loved and cherished and I enjoy being with them.  I am GOOD at that.

Im also pretty good at cards.  Of course I cannot color like Ann Kullberg even though I tried desperately hard when I was able to attend one of her classes last year.  I cannot place things with precision with the perfect colors and beauty like many of the other top artists out there.  I have a dear friend that knows the Bible forwards, backwards inside and out.  I love that she can tell me anything I want to know in a matter of minutes.  Not merely to give me the answers, but to help me delve deeper in my own faith and own studies.  I have friends and family that are amazing horse people.  I mean, I can ride, I can saddle my own horse and with a bit of patience I am pretty sure I could get the bridle on.  I know how to steer and can make them go faster and slower.  But I am not GOOD at it.    

One thing that I am REALLY REALLY good at, copying!!  I saw a card similar to this one and  I didn't think to keep the credentials handy because my work ended up not exactly the same at all.  However, if this looks oddly familiar, yes...yes it was inspired by something else.  I got a Cricut awhile back and I never seem to have enough hours in the day to learn all of the great things that it can do.  But this JOY is one.  I just popped it up a little bit higher than the pinecone and I really think it turned out well.  Another Unity Stamp.  A little grunging on the edges and well there you have it.  A simple holiday card.

Have you figured out what YOU are good at?  Maybe you are blessed with a gotrillion talents.  Maybe you are a jack of all trades and a master of none?  I strongly encourage you to seek that one thing that you are super good at and flourish it.  Heck maybe you can make your fame and fortunes off it!  If you are a writer, get out there and share your work with the world.  Who knows, that one thing you are good at might be exactly what someone else NEEDS right here, right now, today. Talents have already been gifted to you, what are YOU doing with them?

I hope you have a great day!

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