Aug 2, 2014

Little bit of playin...

So we didnt make it to Bell Witch Cave today.  We went to Port Royal State Park instead.  We had sooo much fun!!  Took the pup.  She swam n played.  The girls played too.  Ronnie fished...then we lit up one of the grills n roasted hotdogs and marshmallows.  There were thousands of baby frogs too, like smaller than your pinky fingernail.  It was awesome! Unfortunately not amazing pics.  But oh well.

Last night we went to the gun range.  I double dog dare you to mess with my angels!!

I am so proud!!  Weve had a really good weekend.  Hard to believe our days as a little family are numbered.  Gonna miss Heather when she leaves for college, but she WILL miss me and all of my craziness and come running back, Im certain of it!!  Ok, well I can at least guarantee shell come home for homemade popcorn.  (Even though she KNOWS how to make it herself!). Bwahahaha!!!  

We are sooo blessed!!  I am so grateful for my life.  


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