Aug 4, 2014


These cute little guys remind me of the Honey Nut Cheerio bee.  Everytime I see them it makes me smile.  

As some of you have noticed I have changed the comments to need moderation.  I hope that you will understand. With the recent announcement of Heather and other things going on in my life I have felt that we needed just a little extra security. Your emails, posts on Facebook, texts and even calls have meant the world to me.  Over 500 page views in one day!  WOOHOO!  I hope that I can help someone out there.  

We have been praying and working towards being a foster home. It is truly amazing how many parents shun their children for making an announcement such as Heather's.  I just do not understand.  Like I said in my post, it was NOT easy for me to accept.  But never once did I consider ostracizing her or sending her away. Never once did it change the fact that she's my daughter or that she is a beautiful human being.  So many parents cant deal and disown them sending them into a broken system to live their final years of being a teenager.  They are vulnerable and weak already and now they get to deal with that.  It is heartbreaking. 

 I sooo hope that the message moderation does not deter you from leaving a message.  As I love each and every one of them.  Your words of encouragement whether on here, on social media or through email mean the world to me.  You all are so sweet and kind and I am soooo grateful for you.  Thanks for following me through all of my chaos!


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