Nov 12, 2013

Lovin me some Digis!

Can you believe that we are merely weeks away from being smack dab in the middle of the holidays??  I mean, seriously??  Holy heck this year has flown by!

January...we came back after the cruise...recovered....February....Heather was sick....we withdrew her from Public Schools...March...Career change....April...Went to Wyoming....June...Launched my own business...August...Withdrew Hannah from Public Schools...We had anniversary....October...Started training for Real Estate Personal Assistant certification.....November....I turned 40!!!! ....December....

CRAZY!!!  Even though we have had our share of turbulence, I can honestly say it has been a good year.  Though we were not completely in love with Huntsville when we first arrived, things are a little different now.  We thought that we should be on the other side of town so we searched high and low for a new apartment.  We looked at 500 I swear.  Hoping not only to be on the other side of town but also lower our rent.  Of course in this time I think we visited that many churches as well.

We found one place that we REALLY liked.  The location was AMAZING.  The price was even MORE amazing.  The vacancies.  We waited as long as we possibly could before renewing our lease here.  Our community is really nice, we are thankful for that.  They have been good to us, and truthfully it is one of the best in the area.  So...its not the perfect location, but it is ok and we call it home.  God definitely shut the door to us moving.  It was only after we gave up on that notion did we stop visiting the churches on that side of town and came closer to where we are here.  And WHALA!  I think the kids and I are convinced its the home for us, Ronnie is not so certain yet.  But that is ok.  Its just nice to have a "home" now.  As for our apartment....we truly love it here.
We feel very safe.

As far as Heather...her health is amazing!!!  She is fully recovered from the months of torture and her staff infection.  She also has a whole new outlook on her diabetes and is working constantly to keep her blood sugars under control.  She feels fantastic!  Amazing how much she has grown over the last couple of weeks.  Good things are happening for her.  I am so proud.

Hannah is doing great.  Homeschooling her is a challenge.  Her need for education and learning amazes me!  She loooves to learn.   So often times I feel like I am holding her back, because often times she is ahead of me.  She will be tested real soon to see about skipping at least one or two grades.  Her last STAR test showed that she was testing at 9th grade level.  Not so sure I want her to skip 3 grades, but I definitely think one or two is in order.

Ronnie is also doing very well.  Yes, he is still at Volvo.  Yes he is doing well there.  He has been working on his health too, getting himself back into shape.  We celebrated 20 years this year!!  Holy crap Batman!  That is a LOOOOT of years.  

So, I have a brilliant concept...if I just kept up with blogging I wouldn't have to keep updating you with life stories every time I logged back on huh?  Mwahahaha.

Anyways.  Another card here from DeeDees Digis.  Isn't it fun?

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Anonymous said...

It sounds as if you have had a very, very busy year, with lots of ups and downs. So glad to hear that you are finally feeling "at home," and what an amazing blessing about Hannah's health -- woo-hoo! Another super cute card. Love the way the gloss pops up the kite, and the fun way you used it around the edges of the image.