Nov 11, 2013

So, I wonder....Do I need to hire someone to take care of MY Social Media?

I have been so busy.  My Personal Assistant business is booming.  It has been a lot of bumps and hits on the way, but I am finally learning my limits and just how much I can take on and do very well.  Problem being....I am a "yes" girl.  I want to do everything for everyone.  But it is only after I have committed to a gazillion things do I realize that I am not doing a good job for anyone.  Most of you know that I am an ALL or NOTHING person.  Either we do it and we do it big, or we don't do it and I procrastinate my way out of it all together.  I am SLOWLY learning to say yes to less and work my tail off for that less.  I love what I do and am slowly learning the magic key to balance.

Slowly I am picking up things that I have neglected, like this blog, my commitments to DeeDees Gigi's and the friendships and events that I am passionate about.

We have been attending a new church as well.  One that we seem to really like.  It is soooo nice to have a family again.  They have tons of activities for all of us so it seems like there is always something happening there.


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Anonymous said...

Super cute card, Becky! Love those colors and your beautiful coloring. I *totally* hear you about being a "yes girl" and then feeling like I fall down on the job at all the various things I commit to. I've had to learn to say no, to preserve my sanity and my integrity. It's hard, but it gets easier each time I say it. To that end, sweetie, if you have too much on your plate to work with my digis, please know that I hear "no" a lot better than I say it. ;-)