Aug 2, 2013

The good news is...vampires aren't real. The bad news can't believe the news.

Let me tell you about an AWESOME book I just had the privilege to read.  This is the 2nd book in the Caden Chronicles, a series written for young boys.  Christian-based, but not sappy.  This is truly a book you need to add to your MUST READ list for your kids.  Nick is a detective of sorts and he has some pretty cool techniques that he uses to catch criminals.  The story has mystery, is smooth writing and really is a good read and no, I am NOT just saying this cause Eddie Jones is a friend.  I am saying this cause I really did like it. 
Here's a page.  I won't tell you anymore about the story as I don't want to give it away.  But you can see its really fun and easy reading.  No need to keep up with 7 different story lines.  The characters are fun and relatable. 
So here's the cool thing.  If you go to Amazon and preorder you a copy (yes I did say pre-order, cause it's not set to be released until August 6th) you will be entered to win some cool prizes from Eddie.  Just send him your receipt.  Or of course you can look him up on Facebook.  And guess what else?  Ohhh the excitement is overwhelming!  There's going to be a TWEET party on Tuesday!  So check out Eddie Jones on Twitter.   And a special blog party near the end of August that is exclusive to Mommies and kids.  How cool is that????  So...go, now...right now.  To Amazon and get your copy of Skull Creek Stakeout.  I promise, you will not be disappointed!  And with a chance to win cool stuff??  It's a win win...I promise.
Oh yeah, one more fun thing??? is the live Newspaper link that Nick (the main character) uses in the book.  So not only do you have a great book, but ya got cool stuff online too.  Seriously??  Is this not fun??

**edited to add, the back has discussion questions already typed out, easy to make into an assignment for homeschooling, or ready to go for a book club!**


Unknown said...

When you say young, how young? My son is 10 and I am wondering if it would be good for him?

Becky said...

Yes Julie...10 is perfect!!