Aug 2, 2013

thanks a little...ok, thanks a lot!

This is a stamp that I have wanted for a long time.  I finally broke down and bought it a few months ago.  Have totally wore it out since.  

Soooo much is happening here.  My work is crazy busy (I loooove this!) plus trying to get ready for school to start next week...yes, NEXT WEEK!!!!!  We start a month earlier than most Homeschoolers cause I wanta take Fridays off.  This is a great concept in theory,  but considering I am scrambling for curriculum and trying to iron out the schedule, I have been questioning my logic.

Girls are both good.  Heather is well into learning to drive, and aside from the parking shes been taught everything.  Parking has to be taught by someone who is better at it than me....I mean, she can park of course, but parallel?   Ummm no, remember I will park 4 blocks away and walk to avoid the heathen way of lining your car up with the curb.  Seriously???   But other than that she does good.  We just have to practice practice practice!  Hannah is still in guitar and enjoying it.  They are both soaking up as much video gaming as they can fit in the days right now.  School is coming and life as they know it will dreadfully be gone.  No more staying up all night and sleeping til noon.  No more hours and hours of log time, leveling up 53 levels in one day, no more lounging in PJs all day (okay, THAT might not change) more crash schedules.  School means accountability and schedules.  Well, ok a little more than now.  Afterall, homeschooling isnt about those things so much as it is about learning and having fun.  Planning a back-to-school party for them...cannot wait!


judy d said...

u are one fabulous woman ,and soo organized .Love the cards...

Lori Stilger said...

I love that stamp, too! I especially like the fall-colored card, but they're all fantabulous. :) Love ya!