Aug 6, 2013

ITS HERE!!! The release of Skull Creek Stakeout!!

Are you not totally excited??  I am sooooo excited!  The release of Skull Creek Stakeout is finally here!  You remember me talking about this the other day right??  Here, go now, read up...Ill wait!
There's all kinds of cool games and challenges going on at Eddie's Place on Facebook
GO GET THE BOOK TODAY!  The print copy is ready right now at  and guess what is even more awesome???  So is the digital version!  WOOHOOOOHOOOO!!!  I am soooo dang excited.  I loved this book and I just know you will too.  You all know, I don't push stuff on ya unless I really really feel that its worth while. 
Eddie is also hosting a Twitter Party today at 2pm, Eddie will be discussing the reading trends of kids.  Remember to use the hashtag #skullcreek 
@EddieJonesTweet  and of course you can find me at @BeckyPersAssist

In honor of the book, heres a cute little card I made.  Simple.


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