Nov 28, 2012

Re/Max Distinctive Decorates a Huntsville Tinsel Tree

OK, so I have like totally given up on the days where I used to blog regularly. I dont know if my life is really all that busier or if I am just lazy. Maybe a combo of both.
At any rate, I totally couldnt wait to share these pics with you!!! This is our TREE!!!  We "adopted" a tree this year down on the Tinsel Trail!  Today, we decorated it!  We have totally had so much fun making these ornaments.  It was so awesome seeing them come all together and making the whole project come together.

Of course we had to start the WORK out with some lunch!  We had a great visit and some good food.  This is just a few of us.  My great boss, Sandra, and two of our amazing and awesome agents, Karen and Angie. 

Then after our tummies were full it was time to get to work. 


More Lights.

Yes, I think we need more.


 After much discussion of HOW to put the lights on...we got it worked out.

Looking freakin awesome!

Yeah, ok, we did too....but really I was talkin bout the tree. 

I think this was everyone's favorite that we made.

Though, these were kinda cool too.

Each agent has their pic on one.  SOOO FUN!

These looked good.  Yes....we made all of these.

Rebecca.....awesome agent!

Another awesome agent, Karen, she moonlights as a Reindeer.  HAHAHA!

Yup, that is TOTALLY us!

Sondra....yeah--you guessed it, another awesome agent!

Topper...sposed to be a hot air balloon....We all decided it needed more fluff.  Gotta go back and fix that up a bit later.

So this is the finished product by daylight.

In the night light.

Oh yeah, and those lights look amazing!

We really had a lot of fun.  If you get a chance, you should totally go check it out!  It is such a fun thing.  The trees there are really fun to look at....and the best part is that its FREE!  Downtown, by the ice skating rink!  There were waaaay too many awesome trees to post pics of all...but I just had to share this one, cause I thought it was soooo cute!!!! 

Yes...that IS a tree!  Tooo much fun!  This one is sponsored by one of the designers in town.  I dont know bout you, but I would totally let them design my world!!

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Anonymous said...

It was lots of fun! We all had a blast, looking forward to it next year! Great job !