Nov 4, 2012


We have been celebrating the gift of BOO-ing someone for many years.  It seems to be VERY popular now a days though.  I did this for friends at work as well as for a few neighbors.  It was super fun!  And since we got Boo-ed back I think we started a whole ripple of fun. 

This year I put the makings for S'Mores in the packages.  Using Peeps as the marshmallows.  Then I put the directions of how to make them in the microwave.  Sooo cute and so much fun!

If you have never heard of BOOing it is simply a little game.  You make some treats (or buy) and then put the little saying attached to it.  Then wait til its dark and go and knock on your neighbor's door, drop your treat on the step and run.  Once you have been boo-ed hang the little sign on your door.  Since we live in an apt community and people are a little more leary of things we did write that it was from us on the back.  It's supposed to be fun, not scarey and since things are NOT like they used to be, people don't accept free treats as easily.  That is totally your call.


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TN Granny said...

What an adorable idea and a great way to meet new neighbors. To cute!!!