Sep 8, 2012

Hi Friends!  I just KNOW you have totally been missing me!  I have been getting inky but I havent had much a chance to get stuff posted online.  I have been working on my stamp collection and getting them converted to my new system.  Thats slow going cause I want to be sure and use every stamp that I am keeping.  So not only do I stamp the new pocket sleeve but I gotta be creative too.  I really like it though because I am seeing stamps I havent seen in years.  I am also getting rid of a lot that have just been taking up space.
So the kids are FINALLY settled into school.  They both have their laptops, they are in the correct classes and FINALLY it feels like things have settled down.  So with that being said I promised Id get a job as soon as they were settled.  I promised Id get back to work after the Labor Day Holiday.
But what happened after freaking amazing.  I keep ranting about it because it is totally --I mean TOTALLY a God thing!!  I first want to tell you that I am happy to announce that after 4 days of submitting resumes and applications I have a job!  Yes...a God thing.  I know that it is completely heaven sent when so many people wait months and even years for the opportunity. 
I am now an employee of the Sandra Lowery Team @
Sandra is one of the area's top agents and her team is one of the top teams.  I am really excited to be a part of a winning team once again.  She also owns the whole company-- again...I like that.
But thats not the best part.  I totally had to make a time line to show you exactly how GODS TIMING was in this from the very beginning.  Before I even knew it. 

God had started preparing me for this a looooong time ago.  My last job was amazing.  Though it was hard at times and my boss molded me and taught me to deal with adversity and be the very best I could be.  She is the top agent for a reason and I am grateful for her.  Sandra is very much like Donnita and I think that I will be able to handle her very easily because I have been around Donnita already.  Both are hard driven.  I like that.

So anyways...with all of this said and me throwing you a line down from my CLOUD 9 that I am perched upon...I can honestly say life is good.  I mean life is always good.  But lets face last few years have life have been a bit not so fabulous.  We gave up our dream home.  We moved to podunkville (which I love, mind you)...we were living off the system (which praise God it was there for us)....all four of us were in major depression mode...our walls were falling in around us and we were suffocating.  To now....we have a beautiful apartment, that...tho we rent, we LOVE.  We are all working on our health by exercise and eating better.  Our moods are so much more level.  Our family time is peaceful and enjoyable.  Financially we are getting better and better.  But without every single experience...this day would not be half as amazing.  God is sooo good.

But enough about that!  You wanta see something inky dont you?

These awesome little cards are another part of the CHEAP binge I am on.  Got this package of blank white hole cards and envelopes for 99 cents at Walmart.  A little ink and a some glitter and some line dots.

Or there is this one where I added some chipboard and sequins.

Or some color?  With bling!? I gotta get off here.  THANK YOU all for all of your prayers and support.  You have been amazing.  Love you all so much!!! a blessing.


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