Aug 21, 2012

Mouses--First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for the girls, and I think they felt very much like this chocolate dipped mouse.  Lost, completely confused and disoriented.   Maybe chocolate dipped would have been more fun.  They did really well tho.  Still a little hesitant of course.  But at least the first day is over.

Now, back to the card.  I looooves me some mouses.  Dont you?  And I glazed the dipped part so it is raised.  FUUUN!  I love my mouses cause they require very little creating along side of them.  They speak for themselves.

So for the first day of school we had to paint the nails and Heather wanted her hair blacker *insert rolling eyes look here* and of course the picking out of clothes and so on.  I have to admit, letting them have their own styles and become their own selves has been one of the most challenging things I have had to conquer in parenting.  NOT that I think my children's style is whacked.  It is just not MY style.  But as long as they arent doing drugs or smoking or drinking are still accelling in school and being good people, I guess if they wanted to paint their hair rainbow and wear pajamas, Id perhaps succomb to this (with therapy).

Heather wanted a metal lunch box.  And of course chose the best one!!!  AVENGERS!

And my little banana.  OK, so she is not so little.  At 5'6 she is seconds away from being taller than I am.

They both had good days, though no real conclusions of whether they like it or not.  I guess, stay tuned!

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