Aug 20, 2012

Back to the blog world

So I gotta tell you, I am not really worth shooting today.  As this was the first day of school for the girls!  It was a crazy and chaotic evening last night of painting nails and dying hair and packing bags and deciding on clothes and and and and....then it was up this morning at butt-crack of dawn to put it all into motion.  I can honestly say it was a GOOD morning.  Both girls were ready without mishaps.  Everyone's tummy full of breakfast (yes, even darling Ronnie was happy with this addition to his morning), and of course had bags full of new notebooks and pencils.  Nothing puts a smile on my face more than a brand new notebook.  I know---silly and crazy, but it IS a happy feeling.  One that BOTH of my kids share.  The bus numbers and times that the lady at the bus barn gave us, however did NOT coincide with those that actually came by.  So I have to call for the correct ones later on today.  Scared of being late we just gave up and I drove them both to school.  I am so used to TN where it is one bus and one time and no question of anything else.  But since we have three different schools and all in 3 different directions I guess they dont double up as they do there.  Hannah also gets dismissed a full hour before Heather.  Not sure how THAT works out, but I know Hannah is thrilled with it.  Heather, not so much.  :)

So this morning I have been doing my best not to go back in and crawl into bed.  A quiet is tempting.  I have however, been trying to distract myself from this and have been catching up on a few of the blogs that I used to visit often.  I realize now just how much I have been missing everyone.  There used to be a time where I never missed a post from about 30 different people.  *gasp*  Now I just read a handfull but they are intriging and I love them.  I also am realizing how much of a blessing a post can be.  I will admit, I dont always leave a comment, but I know for me, even seeing that the number of times a post is viewed raise over the 0 mark is encouraging.  So I have really tried to make my presence known where I go. 

With all that being said, do you know what I HATE??  I know...strong word, but really I DO hate this.  The little word verifications when you post a comment.  I mean cmon!!  If I cant freakin make out the letters cause they are all messy how can I tell you what they are??  I was trying to leave a comment this morning and it took me like 10 minutes to get it to take it!  ~sigh~

Anyways....comin back down off the soap box.

What I was trying to say earlier.  Is if someone does something you like, whether it be a blog post or an email or even holds the door open for you, make sure you let them know that you noticed.  Let them know that you saw what they did, you heard them, you respect them.  For some it may not mean much, for others it might mean the world.

Go, be blessed.


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