Aug 28, 2012


I cannot for the life of me get this color to balance out.  The photo does make the glitter on the butterfly show up wonderful, but it also makes the ribbon look like its got a black light on it or something.

Both of these images I got from Marilyn and Janet at my last play date.  Are they not fun.  But what makes them the best is the saying for the inside.

Love is like a butterfly it goes where it pleases and pleases where it goes.
I have to say that as of late my whole life has been a flock of butterflies.  After the past few years it truly has felt like we stepped straight into a fairy tale.  It has been nice to just "be".  I know that it is definitely only a short lived rest as we are called to be involved and enrolled in life.  And I know that our trials were NOT just for the sake of experience.
Being here in Alabama our lifestyle has changed dramatically.  Not just financially and geographically but those that we are around on a daily basis has changed  as well.  My children are now a minority in the schools that they attend.  This is a little astounding as neither one of them have ever been around many other ethnic groups.  Both of course were taught to respect and of course how to act, but neither have had to USE those skills in real life.   
For Heather it is as if someone has directed the spotlight right on her.  She is doing amazing.  She loves that she can just be who she is, without the fear of being swept up in the sea of white people trying to find their place in the whole high school world.  Though she still hangs mostly with white, I am grateful that she has also made some friends that are not.  Now mind you, remembering their names is a whole other level. 
With all this being said.  PLEASE NOTE, I am NOT racial against blacks or whites.  I am simply stating that we came from the hills of Tennessee and well, there just are NOT a lot of blacks.  But within this same breath let me point out I have encountered just as many punk white people that deserve the slang terms more than many of the colored people I have met.
Hannah on the other hand, is having a bit more go of it.  She is at that awkward point in life where you break away from mom and dad to determine what YOU like.  At 5'7 and only 10 she already stands above everyone in her class.  Making her white just adds another label.  I have no doubt that she will find her groove soon, but it is a bit challenging for her now.
I was in line at the Walmart this morning 2 times.  I hate the store personally, and for me to say I stood in line TWICE, well you can imagine how great that was.  :)  The first go around was at the Walmart near my home.  I had picked up the few things I needed and gone to check out.  I was in line of a check out of course.  She was pleasantly dressed and really a very pretty older woman.  Now mind you....if I had not spoken to the woman first===other than telling me what the total was, I dont think she would have said a word to me.  THESE PEOPLE DRIVE ME INSANE...and it has NOTHING to do with the dang color of your skin!!!  But this brings me to my 2nd trip to the checkout lane of Walmart.  Only because Walmart #1 didnt have Cardstock (almost main reason of trip to stupid store in the first place).  The black lady there was equally pleasant looking and laughing and smiling.  She was cutting up with the old black man that was in line behind me.  It was light and airy and no one noticed that there was a difference between us. They talked to me, rather than through me.   I was even taken back a bit when the old man laid his hand on my shoulder as he was laughing.  It wasnt offensive, it wasnt intrusive, it was just common human interaction.  Why is it that people draw these lines between us?  The unwritten lines that says we are different?  Might I also add that if you work in a place of service to the public, I dont care WHAT your problem is, but you are being paid to be nice!!!!  (again, this applies to the purple people....even if the purple people are serving pink ones!)
Might I also add, when I say that we are a minority....I mean that we are in the lower ratio of whites to colored.  NOT that my poor girls are 2 of the 3 white people that go there.  :) 
This subject just really toasted my lips this morning and needed to voice my opinion to SOMEONE.  Lucky stopped by.  Mwahahah.
So, I am also here...watching the news that Hurricane Isaac is getting ready to hit landfall.  I do those people continue to live in New Orleans?   I would be a freakin basket case every time a cloud crossed in front of the suns path.    In my morning meditations I was reminded that I am to succomb EVERYTHING to Jesus.  Everything?  Yes.....Everything.  So my fear of weather has to go too?  Seriously....a clap of thunder usually sends me to the basement.  My dog Cyris nearly knocking me down on the way down the steps because he too, is a weenie.  Now tho...I am at a place that I have no basement.  I also have no Cyris to share in my weenieness.  So I am trying my best to give it to Jesus...HE will protect me from the storms right?  Do YOU have things that you just cant give to Jesus.  You SAY you will, you might for a minute, but then find yourself taking them right back?  I wonder, what would you do if you didnt have your main support friend and a basement to run to?  What if it was just YOU and Jesus?  Could you then?  I know that I personally, am being tested on this.  So far, I have not been looking for the nearest storm shelter...I am trusting in Jesus.
Go, bless some one.  And for the name of Jesus, be NICE while doing it!

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reflections:0) said...

I have never been one to draw lines either as my BF in middle school was black. I did not care what color she was I just knew she was my friend and that we had fun together. As I grew older I found that other people drew lines and it made me sick to see this.

Now we have a nephew in-law that is from India and I do not care ither he is sweet, kind and loving and takes great care of our one niece and there son. And another nephew in-law that is mexican and he too is awesome works his butt off and goes to school as well. He takes great care of our niece and there daughter. He hopes to some day be a Nurse anesthetist and she is a stay at home mom for now.

Great cards by the way! :0)

Go forth and have a blessed day:0)