Aug 28, 2012

Decorative Paper

One of the biggest things that missed while being in the craft store dessert (as in there was only 1 within 2 hours) was my addiction to Mat Stacks.  I looooooove those little books that have all the coordinating papers right there together.  So I saved my pennies and my coupon and visited Joanns this week.  Got me a new one!!  (Though, Joanns did NOT ruffle my feathers, I sure miss the one in Knoxville, because it is amazing.)

Anyways.  This is using some of that paper.  I used an exacto knife and cut some of the paper so that it kind of overlapped the mat.  I didnt want to cover up the paper that was already working so hard.  I did, however add some bling to it.
It says.  Hoping that each day finds you feeling more and more like your wonderful self!


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