Mar 28, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

Hi peeps,  Well I have been crafting and working but I have been under the weather so posting on line has just been another level that I couldnt get to.    BUT, I am doing great!!!  I came across this great little site the other day.  Beccy (love her name dont you) draws these amazing pics and then she offers them free to all of us.  Is that not totally cool?  Anyways.  This is one that I snagged from her last week.  Its a great image to layer. 

 I raised the center pots up and then the coffee cup up from that.  And I used puff glitter paint to make the steam from the coffee cup.  I am having a good time finding my mojo again.  Tho I have to admit that returning back to the blogging world, I feel like such a kindergartener crafter.  Wow, there is some mighty talented peeps out there.

 Remember to check out the book club.  I hope that youll sign up soon and help us out!

Enjoy your Monday!!  Go and be blessed!

1 comment:

Beccy said...

You've done a really great job on this card Becky, I just love the layering! I also like your idea of using puff paint to add "steam" to the coffee cup... very clever. Thanks for sharing the link with me.