Mar 17, 2011

The briefcase is undergoing some housecleaning!

So many of you have loved my blog for my paper crafting.  Don't worry it too will be a part of my blog.  But I hope that each of you will recognize the changes in me that have come about in my absence from the internet.  My life has changed soooo much since my last post here.  Without boring each of you with gory details, lets just say that God got a hold of me and my family and shook us real good.  We went from living in a plush 3,500 sq ft home on 2 acres, 2 successful jobs, kids going through the motions in school and living the average American Dream life, to living in a small little home in the real direction per se...but the love of the Lord more evident in our lives than ever before.  When I logged off line for the last time 5 months ago, I had glorified ambitions of this being like summer camp and we would do science projects and crafts and learn all kinds of things.  Wed be the spitting image of the Smith Family Robinson.  It was our CHOICE to unplug from the world, we werent being forced.  It wasnt for survival.   Ha!  Little did I know how much wed be asked to "survive".  Being unplugged from the world was simply the LEAST of our worries.  Financial strains, continual job declinations and other obsticles were the norm instead of trials.  Life for us has been a little less than rosey perfect. 

Some are quick to judge us, telling us that this move was one of the stupidest things we could have ever have done, we deserve what we got.  This is true.  Probably so.  But we have received SOOOO many blessings from this move that we cant possibly say it was a mistake.    So it is from here that we pick up the pieces and start moving forward, SHOWING you all that we have learned and being a beacon for so many that are like us, so many that need to know that hope is out there!  That if you turn to God, Jesus will lead you through the fires.  I was recently at a revival where Tina Craighead spoke and she said something AMAZING....she said "friends, theres gonna be fires.  If you havent just come through one, or arent in one...guess what---then youre heading for one.  But God can and will bring you through them."  WOW.  I meditated on this for days.  And even as I sit here and type I am mezmorized by that powerful statement.  Proof that God didnt single us out.  Didnt pick MY family to beat up on.  But He did rescue us from the fire.  Through our friends, our church and the paths being lit like runways we are able to at least hold our heads up straight.  We are by no means perfect, no where near holier than thou, and not even close to having this life "figured out", but we walk totally by faith.  When you have faith, what else is there?

So my blog will hopefully be a reflection of Gods presence in my life.  My passions.  My loves and my experiences.  I welcome you. 

I am going to be starting an online book club.  I will not start until April 1 so that everyone will have a chance to obtain a copy of the first book.  For the first month I am going to do THE POWER OF A PRAYING WIFE written by STORMIE OMARTIAN.  If you dont have this book, check your local library, ask your church or look at, I see that they have copies for as little as $3.  I promise you tho, even if you pay full price for this book, it will change your life, your husbands and you will not be sorry.  I have owned this book for well over 10 years and I have read it at least that many times, each time, God opens my eyes to something new in it and I am anxious to see what He shows me (and you) in this new campaign.  So some of you are "game", but yer wondering what is required of YOU?  Well I am still praying about the legistics of how the club will work.  But basically how ever many of us take this on will agree to read the book together.  Reporting back...disgussing our thoughts, our agreements and disagreements.  Lifting each other in prayer.  Listening to other's thoughts, meditating on such and being committed to the month that it will take to read this book.  I wont REQUIRE you to comment or to interact at all.  Youre only requirement will be to check in at least once a week to say that you are on schedule with the reading and are still committed.  So go now, pray and hopefully youll be led to join us!  If you are interested....check out the link over there on the side bar that will take you to the BOOKCLUB...or just got >here<.

For those of you who do follow me because of my papercrafts.  Have no fear its all still here in the briefcase too!  My fingers have been inky.  My mojo has been flowing.  My passion is still there.  So dont be discouraged by my Jesus Freakin' ----I will be postin cards and crafts too!!! 


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Robin said...

Becky - glad to have you back! Praying for jobs for you both.