Mar 26, 2010


I FINALLY found a use for these old earings that I had.  I have carried the peppers around for eons.  HA!  I used em!!  Aren't these mices cuuuuuuuutee!??

We've had another couple of days of rain.  Ohhhh how I am anxious for summer and hot weather.  Thankfully I sit under the flouresents all day so my SADD hasnt been near as bad this year.  But ohhhh to be out basking by the pool ... lake...ok...the water hose would even be good at this point.  So if ya drive by my house and you see me out in the yard in my lawn reclyner with the work spotlight and the long green hose just a running wildly, youll know...I have officially given up hope on summer and am making my own.

On a happy note, real estate business I do believe has gone nuts!!!!  This is one of the busiest weeks weve had in a looooooooooooong time.  I think both Kim and I were overly elated to see that clock strike 5:30 and here the slamming of the office door behind us.  ~whew~  Its great to know that the market is picking up, but boy it sure makes for some tired nights.

The girls both have friends over to spend the night tonight,  and have all dicipated to their corners of the house.  I think I hear the pitter patter of the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) dancing in the living room with the big girls and the little ones retired to upstairs to watch Princesses and play Pet Shoppes.  Life is gooooooooood.  *knock on wood* They both have awesome friends...and its a pleasure to have them come over!  So..with my flock all tended too (yes, thank you PaPa Johns) and its been made clear that I am not needed with either age group I am hoping to get a little inky tonight.  That is, if I can keep my eyes opened long enough.

Gosh, can you believe its already Easter??  Its like right around the corner.  AGH!  Time is just zooooming by!  But that also means, its time to get the bunnies colored up and in the mail!  Wish me luck!

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lisa808 said...

That card is just darling. I love the image and those dangling peppers.