Mar 25, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today would have been my Grandma Betty's Birthday!  Isnt it funny the things we remember?  I cant remember to feed the dog and I have to count each time someone asks me how old I am, but I got her Birthday engraved!! 

So the other day, I went to the doc.  And dont you love going when they tell you that everything is all wrong and only YOU have the power to change it?  I mean really....dont we go to the doctor in the first place for THEM to fix us??  Is that not why they get paid the big bucks??  ~sigh~  On a good note, my thyroid numbers are good!!!  Unfortunately thats the ONLY numbers that are good.  Must exercise more and eat less and cut out whites and all good stuff, do this and stop that oh and monitor those.  I left there feeling like a kicked pup.  But on a good a few days pass I am gaining my strength to conquer all.  Yes, I had to go thru my phase of calling her everything but a white girl.  Did I add that the girl (my GPN) MIGHT and this is a stretch, but she MIGHT weigh 125 lbs soaking wet... with workboots on?  Yeah she is one of those barbie doll perfect little things that people like me tend to overlook.  ~sigh~  I am quite certain that she herself, has never been the Bohemith size that I am now and so taking her word on anything is really really really hard for me.  I mean, the heck DOES she know what its like to be me????   Oh well....I am going along with it all and doing what she says.  So pray for me.  I figure in a few weeks I will be in one of three places.  One...back here at square one ignoring every bit advice and instruction...eating myself happy.  Or...two I will be sticking to the eating plan and doing what she says --never mind the half eaten desk that I sit at or Three...I might ACTUALLY get the hang of it and not feel as tho I have been sent to the torture chamber.   Oh how I do pray for three. 

Anyways.  Its been a crazy work week too.  Penny (my office mgr) has been out all week with her daddy who has become extremely ill.  Lord love him, and her and all of her peeps.  Its been extremely hard on her.  I think they might have some good answers now and HOPEFULLY he will regain his health.  But golly--I sure am ready for her to return to her post.  Its been nutso without her!

And I have been unfortunately giving up my life still to watch American Idol and then, you know...dancing with the stars came on this week.  I gotta say tho--dancin...nope, not so interested this year.  I guess watching the old guy--which I honor him...but he cant dance...then you have the slut er I mean Pamela...and well...I just dont see the need.  ~sigh~  and Idol....lets talk about Idol.  I could kick off at least three of four of em now.  Especially if it means we can bring Lacey back.  Lacey was AWESOME and these others...?????  I mean really?????????  *grumble* now you got me ranting and raving.  Chatty Kathy huh?  I sure hope you enjoy your day!


Moose Ridge said...

the art is beautiful, and I love how you sliced under the flourish to tuck the next layer!!

the food -- this is year 10 for me of WW and keeping it off, so I understand your struggle, it's the lifestyle change that's hard... I'll pray for you!!

Dunlap TN

Honey said...

I feel your pain ....for Valentine's Day my husband gave me (because I had been hinting about checking it out) L.A. Weight Loss...I have forgotten more about nutrition than any of those girls, I mean counselors, will ever when they talk my mind wanders...of course they don't talk much because I told them I would not eat any of those very non-nutricious supplements they try to make you I;m in and out of there in 5 mins. max.! oh well...that's what I get for opening my big mouth! I've got Easter candy on my brain now....stop, stop, stop....hope you have a good day at a time....sounds like things are crazy in Harriman! love the card....pb