Mar 22, 2010

Elegantly put.

I dont know why for sure, but I loooooove this stamp.  Its just a simple tree.  No place to color.  Nothing spectacular to do to it.  But I think it is sooooooo pretty.  On this one I just added pink bling to spruce it up a bit.
And this one is hard to see in the big pic, but I added clear to it. 

Soooo much is happening here.  Not really much WRITING worthy, but things are moving right along and I hope to have many many great things to report about soon.   Inlaws are still here, thats great.  I am still Facebook free, thats great.  Yeah...all is good.  So stay tuned about that.


TN Granny said...

Beautiful, elegant new look on the blog so happy to see you blogging. Your stamp is so pretty and of coarse your cards are always super special.
God Bless,

Deb Neerman said...