Mar 21, 2010

I finally got to meet her!

This is baby Mirah.  Isnt she adorable?  She is such a sweetie.  This is a week old and I am sure she has changed oodles.  But it was so awesome to get to go and see her.  We had a great great visit with Laura and Bert. 

Look at this cool pic.  I wish I could have gotten one of the front of this gargantuous bird, but look!!  Now mind you, this owl was in the tree right outside of my house.  It was broad daylight and he was right there!!!  Ohhhh I love this place I call home.  Now, I just wish that the rain/snow/sleet would go away.  Cause it is TIME for spring!!  
You will be proud of me.  I have taken pictures of what I have been working on, so I have blog fodder!!!!  Yes, ladies-- I got the hint!  I got it!!


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