Feb 25, 2010


OK, no its not really Christmas, tho I could have sworn I saw a snowflake earlier.  But it IS the 25th of the month and here is my contribution in getting ready for this year's holiday in advance.  I made a stack of these cards.  Kinda simple.  But I liked em.  Those little rhinestones are from fingernail decorations.  Sooo cute and sooo t-tiny!
We are seeing God move around us in so many ways.  Its really quite exciting!  My sister in law got an offer on her house, the other sister in law is going ot be having her baby any minute and we are doing just great.  Its very exciting.  How about you?  I hope things are moving in your world.


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Honey said...

and we got our best buddies back in the State....woohoo...love the card, great idea doing something for Christmas 2010 on the 25th of every month...you should start a blog about that and link to all those craft blogs I look at, I think it would be a hit, bet they would all send you ideas...have a great day...pb