Feb 1, 2010

Happy February!

Gosh,  let me see if I can figure this out again.  I sooo havent blogged in forever and wouldnt you know it...blogger had to go and change things on me!  GEESH!  The nerve!!

So now, let me see...what all is happening?  First, Christmas was beautiful and we had a wonderful time at Tybee with the family.  It was a lot of shuffling and a lot of driving.  But it was beautiful.  Our January has been as equally wonderful.  But lots of changes.  Number one thing, we decided to keep the house.  Just cant phathom moving right now and well....we are gonna do what we can to stay here.  So its off the market.  Of course adding into that is the fact that my in-laws have moved in with us.  This is a GOOD thing, I promise.  They are wonderful help with the house and the girls and good company for us all.  We are glad they are here.

Right now we are recovering from the winter storm.  It did little more than make a huge icey mess and kill our power for several hours here.  And can you believe they say we are gonna get ANOTHER storm this week?  ARGH!!

Anyways...I am gonna do what I can to get my blog mojo back on and stay with ya all!  ((HUGE HUGS)) to everyone!!


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Anonymous said...

so glad you are getting your blog mojo back...I've missed your wit! lovely pics of the girls...patti b.