Dec 17, 2009

Have yall been worried!?!

Just an update for you all.

Things have been crazy nuts here recently and we are just trying to coast on through the holidays.

Ronnie had a wreck in his Schwan's truck a couple of weeks ago.  The truck is a mess, BUT, PRAISE GOD, he is okay.  Very banged up and very sore.  But back to work and going strong.  (Again, THANK YOU JESUS!)

Heather is now recovering from Diabetic Ketoacidosis.  One of the many side effects of having Diabetes, we were just lucky enough to not have experienced it before now.  We were also very lucky that it was caught in time enough to be reversed.  Many a hours of sleep were lost and I am pretty certain I have a few more gray hairs from it, but overall she is well.  Recovering and on the mend.

I am doing OK.  My thyroid is still all outa whack and I feel as though I rush around on an emotional roller coaster daily.  I go back the middle of January to see if the current treatment is working or if I go on to a specialist.  Work is going great.  I loooove my coworkers and aside from being away from home so much I truly love it.

Hannah is of course doing fabulous.  She has been active in Girl Scouts and pretty much chasing everyone else in the family around.  Lord love her for being so easy get along with!

We are anxiously counting down the days until Christmas.  We are heading down to Tybee Island, GA to have Christmas with Ronnie's family.  Were anxious for the get away and even more anxious to return to 2010 with our dreams and hopes and plans for a great year.

May each of you be blessed, know that you are loved and I will see you NEXT YEAR!

God Bless & Merry Christmas!



lisa808 said...

Becky, you sure have been through a lot lately. I am glad everyone is OK and happy to read of Joe's progress. Enjoy your trip and Merry Christmas.

Honey said...

YES...I have missed, so much going on with you and yours...hope you have a wonderful Christmas...give my friends a hug and tell them it's from me...look forward to meeting you in person one of these days!!! patti b.

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Becky, Merry Christmas!
I wondered how you were doing, and glad to hear you have come through these trials successfully! I hope you get to sit down and calmly enjoy the holidays all together! Looking forward to hearing from you more often in the new year! You've been missed.

Robin said...

Merry Christmas! Love the new look of your blog (there's still BLING!!). I love Tybee Island. There's a great scrapbook store that I always go to (not on the island but nearby).

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Wow, you're family has been through a lot lately!

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