Oct 5, 2009

Happy Halloweenie!

Can you believe that it is already well into the 2nd week of October? Geesh...the time is just a flying!! Things are good here just going with the flow of this and that. We thought we had a bite on our house last week but once again the buyers went a different direction. It is so hard not to get discouraged and give up hope. But we are still plugging along.

The girls are busy with their stuff, and we spend a lot of time shuffling them around. I am sooo thankful for the friends that we have that have really helped us as both R and I work. Its good to be loved.

Anyways. I looove stamping for fall too! Isnt this image just so cute? I hope YOU have a happy day!!

((HUGS)) to you!!!


PS. I have a couple of prayer requests...one is for my friend "granny" as she prepares for hip surgery...shes had to endure a lot of hurdles to even prepare for this surgery. Pray that the Lord just works everything out. And also continue to pray for Joe. He had a scare this weekend, where his heart stopped...he has been reventilated and is stable now, but everyone of course is scared to death.


lisa808 said...

Adorable Halloween card.

TN Granny said...

Becky, your card is darling great Copic's girlfriend!
Of coarse I'll continue praying for Joe, he's sure had a rough ride. And I pray for you and your family as each day this house mess worries you. Love you,

Micki said...

LOve that card!!!! Soooo stinkin' cute, lol.
Who is the stamp from? Joe's been in my thoughts & prayers and I will continue to pray for him and the same goes for Granny!

Big hugs