Oct 10, 2009

Its Fall

My babies are at the beach with Grammee and PawPaw, darling husband is at work and I have been left all alone with my ink! Is this not the greatest thing ever?? Especially since my stamps were truly starting to feel neglected. *gasp*

I dont know what attracts me to this little punkin...but I really really like it. Its just so simple. Not cutesy, not primative...just a plain punkin. I like it. So anyways...this week I broke out my colored pencils. I wanted to have something that I could cart with me to work. We dont get MUCH time that we are twiddling our thumbs, but the little time we do get I want to be able to do something creative. But golly I didnt know it had been that long since I had used them. Geesh, learning how to make them do what I want has been an experience. I mean...cmon! They are PENCILS! I have been using them since what...I was 10 er 11???

The kids will be down at Tybee Island GA for the week. I miss em already. Its so quiet. Them being gone has certainly reminded me of what I am living for. Without them-- well my life is pretty meaningless. I mean, I get up when I want, go to bed when I want, eat what I want, when I want...watch what I want on TV...do what I want. Which has rudely reminded me that I dont think thats what I want at all. :D Hehehee.

R and I are going out tonight so I am sure that I will forget about it for a few hours.


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