Oct 12, 2009

Blowing you fall kisses!

I have been digging in my image stash this week. So its been fun to pull out some of the stuff that I have had hidden away. This little baby girl of course is generally blowing hearts off her hands, but I wanted her to be fallish so I overlapped some leaves. Its all glittery too, but ya cant tell that with this pic.

Its a rainy dreary day here in Knoxville. Dark enough to be 9pm. Thankfully I am here drenched in the lights so I cant get too sad today. Wonder...will I be able to stretch thru this season without falling into my dark corner of SAD. Hmmm...

All is well here. I am good. Kids are good. I hope that you too, are doing well. ((HUGS)) to all!

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Honey said...

hang-in-there girl....we all have our dark, sad, corners...let's just keep lifting each other through our words and deeds, and blogs and beautiful art...you my new friend are so talented! thanks for sharing all of this awesome art...Have a Blessed Week!
patti b.