Oct 13, 2009


I thought today'd be a good day to post my girlsies. My dear friend Vee sent me these images. Arent they just precious?? They are giving me lots to work with with my colored pencils too. Sooooo sweet. They make me miss my babies all the more.

I have really enjoyed the challenge to take non traditionally fall colored images and make them into fall pics. Like both of these stamped images are probly more spring time than fall, but isnt it amazing how just a change in coloring can change the whole feel of them?

This week is definitely fall. Its crisp. Its dark and gloomy. Makes me want to curl up, snuggle into my
couch with my family and maybe watch some movies.

Speaking of movies. I made Heather watch Mommie Dearest this past weekend. Yeah, I know its an old movie and probably torture for most teens, but I also think its a classic that MUST be
viewed at least once in your life time. We have laughed more over wire hangars than anything. Oh how I love my girls. I love their love and the relationship that we have. Did I mention that I miss them?

Anyways, I pray that you are blessed today. And if you are, share that blessing with someone else.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAWPAW AKA DAD! Hope that you have the bestest Birthday ever!!


Lori Stilger said...

Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

debinicol said...

I love the second one on the fence. Can think of lots of sayings for that one! I do like that one the best for coloring, as well...always great to see your cards!