Jul 20, 2009

*sniff* *sniff*

Its not often that one finds an awesome doctor that you truly feel connected to, that you feel like you can relate to them not only as professionals, but also as friends and role models. It is very rare that one feels like the staff and the atmosphere that this doctor presents at their office is inviting, welcoming and encouraging. And also might I add, not just as a $$ either. We often are made out to be idiots, especially when it pertains to our children. When you have some times during flu/strep season that you visit almost every other day for some reason or another...yet they welcome you and try to figure out a solution rather than, patting you on the back and telling you that you are over protective and over reactive. Rarely do doctors look at mom and ask her what her gut feeling is. Now, mind you, if my gut feeling was right all the time, I wouldnt NEED this said doctor...but still--it IS nice to know that those things that God gave us, ARE for a reason. Anyways. We recently learned that our Pediatrician (of the last 6 years) is moving. We are shocked. We are devastated. Though we wish her and her family the very bestest of luck, we miss her already. And that of course is not saying ANYTHING about her replacement, as we did get the honor to meet her and I just know that she too will be fabulous. But really....does Dr. H. HAVE to go? Really? Cmon just another 10 more years and my kids will be out of pediatrics. Cmon, surely her life will wait that long wont it? Funny how we spend so much time worried and wrapped up in our OWN lives that we take for granted all the OTHER things that are happening. Hmpf! I still dont like it. And to be honest...I dont wanta!!

So for the girls' doctor I made this little set. There are the cards that say: WERE MOVING.

And on the inside it says:
Just wanted to let you know how dear
you are to us and we wouldn’t want
to lose touch. So here is our new info:

Phone Number:

Then I decorated this handydandy tin to hold them all. I hope that she will remember us as she goes on her journey!!


lisa808 said...

What a thoughtful gift.

Unknown said...

How thoughtful Becky! I know what you mean tho -- my first pregnancy, my OB/GYN left the practice mid-term, and stopped delivering babies...then the one who DID deliver my DD left the practice not long after my 6 week check up -- her husband was military, and had gotten a transfer...so tough. Good luck with the new pediatrician -- and these will be greatly appreciated, no doubt...I love that font, BTW -- what's it called?

Have a super day!

Robin said...

what a great present. Especially love the tin.

Anonymous said...

Becky, I am sorry that you are losing a doctor you love -- I have been there before and know how tough that is. I'll be praying that you find a new special doctor. What a thoughtful going-away gift -- I be she's going to love it!

Unknown said...

I love this font! Could you tell me the name of it?

By the way, what a great gift! So sweet!


Anonymous said...

That has to be the sweetest thing anyone has ever done!!!!