Jun 16, 2009

Cutie Patootie & UGH!

Lets start with the cute card huh?? This is an image from DUSTIN! Isnt it precious?? Its hard to tell, but I put Crystal Effects on the bubbles so they are all shiney! They look awesome! And this little guy just screams fun! Have you been over to DUSTIN'S lately? Hes got some fantastic things going on! TOO FUN!

Now on to the yicky card. I am NOT happy with this card. I had originally thought of tracing the outline of the big flower with crystal effects and then chalking in the negative space. Sounds simple enough right? Yeah, except when it was actually done...it looked like I had let glue dry and tried to color it. Blech!

Anyways...my only saving grace here is that it DOES look a little bit better in real life than in this photo. ~sigh~ The blues arent QUITE as clashing. Just didnt LIKE this card. But I cant be perfect ALL the time right? :)
Today is stamping day! WOOHOOOO! What are YOU doing with yourself? Go and be blessed!!!



Paula said...

Love the sentiment on the dragon card (as well as the card itself!)... I also love the flower on your card! It turned out lovely, however I know how it feels when you have one thing in mind and it doesn't turn out how you pictured it... but it is LOVELY!

TN Granny said...

Your always too hard on yourself. Your on two design teams that in itself says your a wonderful designer. Both cards are darling and as usual you did a great job.

Mephisto said...

WOW Becky, is this a stunning Card.
love the Bubble Dragon so much!


designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

I love the bubble dragon!!!!
Want it, want it, want it!! LOL