Jun 17, 2009

Pool Fun!

No THIS isnt the freebie this week over at DUSTIN'S but I just KNOW you are gonna love the one that IS there. (and YES! You CAN still get this one too!) These kids are soooo cute!! And I added a little plastic SPLASH! When I saw the image I just KNEW it screamed for that little added thing. And that little added thing has been living in my embellishment box waiting for an image to scream out to it! So its a perfect match!!

I have had a terrible case of diamond glazitus. EVERYTHING has been getting glazed! But what can I say?? I just LOVE its effect!

So the week is almost gone and I am here to tell ya that I am missing my babies. I think its about time to head up the mountain and go pick em up!



Pat said...

This is the cutest blogsite!! Good job!
You must be creative :0)!!

Paula said...

Absolutley adorable...these kids are to freaking CUTE!