Dec 1, 2008

On the first day of Christmas...

Happy Monday everyone!

I am sad to say that my inlaws left this morning. I miss em already. Though Id be lieing if I didnt admit the quiet has been fabulous today too. I have been reading and have even had a half of a second to get my fingers inky too!

My mom in law was a doll and straightened everything up before she left so, I truly am able to sit and veg today.

Can you believe its already Christmas Card season? I got my first one last Friday! WOW! It seems like we are rushing through things. When I know for a fact that it IS the season. Usually I try to get my cards out the day after Thanksgiving. HA! This year I will be doing good to get them out by Christmas. Funny how little things just slip past us. Especially in a world where there are so many BIG things happening.

How bout you? Ready for the holiday? Decorated? Cards out? Baking list made? Shopping done?



Anonymous said...

This is sooooo cute! And NO - I can't believe it's already Christmas card season! LOL!

The Basye-Arland Crew! said...

Love the cards Becky! I think I need to come eat at your house. I think you may enjoy cooking a whole lot more than I do:)! For reals!!
I love the cards! The mice are very cute. Shopping....yuck!! I put that off as long as possible. I spend months planning what to buy, but really don't enjoy the shopping!! I love to give, that is important I guess! Ha ha!
Wishing you a bright and cheery day!
Lots of luv,

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Do you mind if we post it on our blog and link to you?