Oct 12, 2008

Sunny Sunday!

This week is Fall break for the kids and I am sooo excited to have some MUCH needed time off! No real earth shattering plans are laid in stone, but I am anxious to spend some time with the girls and just hang out.

The weather here has almost been hot. I talked to one of my friends back home (in WY) and she said it was snowing. Ew ick! No, I am not ready for that! But something a little cooler than 80 would be ok too. Oh well, thank you Jesus for peaceful weather!

Anyways....wanted to remind you to pray for Nancy!!! I could hardly sleep last night cause I was so excited for her!

Oh yeah...this is another card using the Cuttlebug and Scorpal!



Blomquist Blog said...

Good Morning Becky!

I don't know when Nancy will be updating her blog but I wanted to give you the latest. The lung transplant did not go through as expected. Once the doctors did the final examination on the donors lungs, they found some damage to her lungs. We are not sure what the damage was but the doctors told Nancy they will not put damaged lungs into her. She needs perfect lungs. They were the perfect type and size, but had some damage that prevented them from going through with the surgery. Just thought I would give you the latest. Nancy is now home resting. As you can imagine, this was a HUGE disappointment, but just one more challenge for Nance to overcome. Continue your prayers for her! Hopefully she will update her blog soon!

Have a great Sunday,

Debbie Blomquist (Nancy's childhood friend)

TN Granny said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Nancy but God will find the right lungs out there for Nancy real soon because of all our prayers.

I really like the card idea and will use it on plenty of cards.

Love ya girl,

reflections:0) said...

My thoughts are with her and hers... I hope that this comes true for her soon...

great card...


Sandy said...

Oh, so very pretty!