Oct 11, 2008

Happy Day Today!

Did ya miss me again? Sorry after two days in the yard workin like dogs I think I about put myself under. But my yard looks fantastic!!! I soooo could not have done it without my great great mom and paw in law and these wonderful little guys from down the street. They do fantastic work and wow! I am forever grateful to ALL of them. My flower beds are all mulched, my bushes are all trimmed and it truly looks amazing!
Isnt this card cute too?? I dont know what I was going for here...other than just something different.
Now on to the very bestest news in the whole wide world!!!!!
Please continue to pray for her. If you click on her pic over there on the side bar you will be taken to her blog where you can keep up with her updates too.
Go and be blessed and bless those around you!


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

OMG!!! Praise, praise, praise, praise, praise!

Blomquist Blog said...

Hi Becky!

You are right, the best news of the day is Nancy getting the call for her new lungs. I actually got to talk to her and she sounded amazing..strong, yet scared for this next step. They made it to Pittsburgh safely and she was waiting for the doctors to retrieve the lungs from the donor. Praise the Lord that this day came. I know she needed this boost, although she still has a very long road ahead of her. As her friend, I want to thank you for always writing nice things about her and telling her story. She is one amazing, inspirational person. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

With prayers,

Debbie Greig Blomquist
Class of 1993 JHHS

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news to share with us this weekend I am to thankful for God fulfilling our prayers.

Love the card to.

Anonymous said...

What a FUN card, Becky!! You pulled in so many fun elements, but my favorite is the dancing skeleton -- too cute!

My heart soared to read that Nancy had gotten the call, then plummeted on her behalf when I read about her "dry run". I continue to keep her in my prayers, and thank you for keeping us aware of her need.