Oct 31, 2008

Happy Halloweenie!!!

I juuuuust LOOOOOOVE this stamp!! Isnt it neato??? Yes, that is just ONE stamp. And once again you cant see but the ghosts are outlined in glitter.

Are all of your Villans, and angels and goblins and ponies ready for the big night? I have an angel and a cript creature this year. Its probly Heathers last year to dress up for trick or treating so I told her she could be whatever she wanted. Of course she HAD to pick something I completely detest. Oh well. Yer only a kid once right?

The next photo is completely out of focus but I couldnt help but fall in love with it. Every once in awhile I get a true photo of my kids. One that captures their very personality. One that shows more than just what is happening at the moment. I hate that it did that blurry thing. But I think it is still a photo I will cherish forever.

I cant wait to see pictures of your dressed up babies. Whether you are celebrating fall or harvest or Halloween. Enjoy the season, for its one of God's greatest masterpieces.


TN Granny said...

Wow that doesn't even look like that tiny little girl of yours, the picture of Hannah is beautiful as for Heather oh I'd hate to meet up with her in an alley.

Happy Halloween
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful little girl! I love the blurred effect - even tho' it was a random thing with the camera, eh? I dislike when that happens, too - but it's so soft looking. Definately one to print out and hang on the wall or scrapbook!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! You should be SO proud!!!