Oct 30, 2008

The leaves are FALLING!

Hard to see it but the leaves are all accented with glitter too. FUN card to do!

Its been a bit chilly here, but I have to admit....it makes me all warm and cozy. I loooove the cool weather. I love fires and hot chocolate. I love the beautiful colors and I love the fact that everything seems to slow down in the fall and winter. I say that...and then think of my past week and wonder if I have been disillusioned somewhere along the way.

My biggest task has been breaking in the new kitten. Punk (short for Punkin) is doing WELL! She and Twink are finally able to be amongst each other without hissing fits going on. Twinkle still is not THRILLED with her, but in time I think they will do fine. So far they manage to run marathons all night...so I think things are going well. Punkin is doing great though. She is litter trained and already is learning the ropes of the house.

I looove this shot of Twinkle. It shows such seriousness in her eyes. Such mystery.
Now...what HAVE I been doing these last couple of weeks. Well...I have been field trippin with the girls thats what!! This is Heather at Wonder Works. Her class went there last week and it was soooo awesome! If you havent ever been and get the chance you must!

The day after our trip to Sevierville we went to Maple Lane Farms with the Daisy Scouts. Another great great trip. The girls had a blast and I KNOW we had to have walked 18 miles in that stupid maze.

This is Heather's choice for facepainting. EWWW ICK!
And of course Hannah! Flamingos!! The girl looooves tropical stuff! Anyone out there in Florida? Anyone have a son about 7 years of age? I have the girl for him!

Then I went to Mayfield Dairy Farms with Hannahs class. It was fun to see where the milk the cows and of course the other animals. Another corn maze (Did I mention I am NOT fond of these things?) and a hay ride. It was sooo fun to see the excitement in the kids' faces. Though...I gotta say it was COLD out there!

I have missed you all so much! But I finally have been stamping again and have some stuff to share with you. So thanks for hanging with me! ((HUGE HUGS))

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Anonymous said...

whew, you have been busy! I love your falling leaves card... I think I have that stamp set, is it from Stampin' Up!?