Aug 6, 2008

Whew! Have yaall missed me?

I think I am on the mend. The Dental Inplant is slowly healing and I am slowly regaining my sense of being. Its our last week before school, so of course that always adds to our chaos. can I say I miss my girls already? I really have had a good time just being with them. I know they are anxious to see their friends though.

Isnt this stamp the coolest?? Outlines Rubber Stamps just put out these collage stamps, that are made specifically for layering. The more layers you put on there, the better it looks. In the store that I bought it at, there was the CUTEST sample made up. She had pockets and doors and popups and so on all over the card. I can see where this could get addicting. If it werent so time consuming though.

And this here is the house I submitted for the ROW HOUSE swap I was in. I had never done anything like this before, so I am anxious to see what I get back.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately. I started a seperate blog to journal in. That didnt seem to be as much fluff. It didnt last long as I was confused on what to write where. Needless to say I didnt write ANYWHERE. The truth of the matter is that I dont need 2 blogs right. I am one person. Warts and all. I am who I am. So then I got to thinking. What is my PURPOSE. WHY am I here on earth? Of course its to be a wife and mom and blah blah blah. But I mean deeper than that. WHY am I existing today? Am I to bless someone else? Am I to teach something? Am I to work for something? That thought has been weighing heavily with me lately. WHY AM I ME?
I received my ENCOURAGEMENT FOR TODAY email this morning and Holy Cow! talk about hitting it on the button. Wendy spoke of buying generic or imitation brands...and getting what we pay for. Her point was--Jesus paid full price for us, is He getting the imitation, or the real name brand? Hmmm....
So I leave you with this. If you are not part of a solution - - you ARE part of a problem. Me? I think I will go find some solutions to jump into.
Have a blessed day. Thanks for hanging with me.


mornin'lady said...

First of all, I'm glad you healing up! Nice to have the hard stuff behind ya!
I wondered where your other blog went but I'm glad to see you still sharing. It has been encouraging for me to read ya!

The cards are cool, I'd love to see more of the house stuff. Where ever did you find out about this?

Patty Williams said...

Yes Ma'am! Sure did miss ya and think about you often!

Love the cards, they are both fantastic.

You sure can write a thought provoking post! Thanks for that too!

Hope you start to feel even pain is so hard to deal with. Jake (9yr DS) had to have 2 teeth out on Monday..they totally knocked him out! Poor thing, he looked so pitiful all day...he kept saying he was hungry but wasn't allowed to eat.. good as ever now!

Hugs Becky!

Sara said...

Thanks Becky…you're wonderful too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey you made me look at IM! I just saw it’s not signing me in anymore...hmmmm.

And I love your new banner and headings! Great job!!

Carolyn King said...

Glad you are getting all healed up. I love the house you created..what a fun project!

Unknown said...

Wowzers, your collage card is a knockout! What great color and dimension!

Your house project is truly looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it...well worth it though because it's wonderful.

I hope you continue to feel better...never had dental implants, the the word implant sounds painful. yikes!

Hugs to you, and thanks for sharing your wonderful art.

Moose Ridge said...

I know you've been busy with the girls out of school! I have one of the Outlines, the Spring one -- love yours two -- that is probably one of my favorite stamp companies!! Glad you're back...

Dunlap TN