Jul 3, 2008


I usually don't like doing all of these tag things. But I especially liked this one. Its different. Its fun and intriguing. I thank LORI for tagging me. Go check out HER answers and I hope that youll take a sec and read my mini meme too--

  • Where I was 10 years ago: I was in Newland, North Carolina. I was working for the First Baptist Church there. We lived in our first home in the mountains. I was a young pup with a two year old! A two year old that was still 3 years from being diagnosed with diabetes. I was naive to the world.
  • 5 things on my to-do list today: 1. Pick up car from dealership (its getting the hitch put on it). 2. Look up lists for camp needs--then go over those lists. 3. Laundry (duh! Like that isn't a DAILY thing!) 4. Make reservations for weekend camping trip. 5. Go get tags for pop-up.
  • Snack Food I like: Chocolate.
  • If I were a billionaire I would: Travel. Adopt. Give several millions to Juvenile Diabetes Research. Make sure my family is all okay. And make sure to bless those in my path.
  • Places I have Lived: Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, South Dakota, North Carolina, Virginia & Several places in Tennessee.

You know when I went to visit Lori last week, her friend asked where we met. We both had to stop and really think back to WHY we hit it off so well and why we were such good friends, when really...ummm we just are. But I thought Id also share with you how WE met. It was of course ONLINE through Tennessee Stampers (a Yahoo group). Her little smiley face was lit up saying she was on Yahoo Msgr. so I took a chance and beeped. And she answered! It was an instant friendship. One that GOD gave me. I am so blessed to have her friendship. Her tough love and tender kindness often get me through moments when I tend to lose all sense of rationalization. I am blessed.

So I am tagging:
Melinda--my long lost highschool friend
Jennifer--my local friend that I never see!
Chelsey--the most talented stamper ever!
Jenn--my accountability/prayer partner--couldnt live with out her friendship!

--go and be blessed!--b


MizB said...

Hee hee... Thanks! Here's my response. ;)

Jennifer said...

I've been tagged!!! I will post soon! Thanks Becky.

Patty Williams said...

Interesting gal Beck!

Chelsey said...

Thanks bec! I just got this tag but will post taht you tagged me as well! and thanks for da compliment, it really means alot to me :D XOXO, C

Lori Stilger said...

I love you, too, Beck! :) We are MUTUALLY blessed, I think. See, I'm the one no one thinks causes any trouble - you're the one I suggest the troublemaking to, and well, that's the story I've come up with, and I'm stickin' with it....
Thanks, dear one. :)