Jul 2, 2008

Hump day!!

Whats up!?! Long time no post eh?? Still trying to recover from the great party! Whew!!

This is my submission for a double slider swap I did last week. Dontchya just LOVE those chickens!!!! It says Happy Birthday from one glamorous babe to another! I said that I would never do another slider, but with the SCOR-PAL it was a breeze! If you need one of them and you DO need one, go talk to my friend Pam and she can hook ya up! GREAT GREAT GREAT purchase!

Anyways. Here I hope I dont sound too much like a commercial today. But I want to also direct you local Knoxville (or semi local) peoples to a new place in town. Its call CITIES CUPCAKE. This is NOT the Cupcakery...this one is even newer than that. They sell just cupcakes. AMAZING cupcakes! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING CUPCAKES!!! Soooo not good for the diet, but awesome for the taste buds. Go there...see Linda. Shes a doll and it is uber awesome!!! Thats her in that there pic 2nd one from the left in the back row. WAY COOL! Shell tell you about tasting Saturdays and all the other stuff goin on. WAY NEAT PLACE!

This week is kind of quiet. Today was dentist day. BUT on a happier note I am one more appt away from being DONE!!!!!!!! I did the whitening today on top of fixing the front teeth. Its starting to LOOK like I have had work done. But of course since it IS dentist day that also means I am not worth too much in any other area.

I need to be packing for the weekend camping trip, preparing for both kids to go to camp and of course getting ready for our fourth of July celebration here on Friday. But (in my best Scarlette O'Hara voice) I shall think about that tomorrow!

How are YOU today?? Are you blessing someone?--Go...right now. Tell someone how great you think they are!--b


Melinda said...


The person who I think is really great: is YOU!

So talented and fun and caring!

Jennifer said...

Ok, you are so evil!!! Where on Kingston Pike is this cupcake place????

That is a very nice card, excellent coloring, as always Becky.

Patty Williams said...

Way cute, chickie poo!