Jul 13, 2008

A full day of relaxation does the family good!!

We got home last night from EAST East Tennessee. The girls both are now home from camp, of course with rave reviews!! I had a great time visiting with my Sister in law aka bestest friend. She is expecting her 4th baby any day now...so it was good to just HANG with her.

Heather of course (without a doubt) LOOOVES her new room! Her exact words...Oh my gosh, what have you done to my room?? I love it! But what have you done to my room??

Dont you love this little windchime? I thought it was gorgeous. It symbolizes ENERGY.

The stencils I used say PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS. She waaay loved that part!

I had to take a few pictures of course, cause the chances of it being this clean ever again are slim to none!

When I saw this comforter I KNEW it was the one. Like I said before, so not my style. But she absolutely adores it and thought it was perfect. Thats all that matters huh?

WOW! Mom, you did this for me??? I love it! Thank you!!

Today is a grand and glorious day! R is up north, so its just us girls and we are enjoying EVERY single minute of relaxation. I have gotten to play with stamps today, and Hannah and Heather have also both played. It truly has been needed for a long time coming. We all feel like we MIGHT be able to conquer the world tomorrow and the rest of the week.

What is up with you?? I hope you and yours are blessed...B


reflections:0) said...

The room looks great... What a grad mom you are to do such a loving thing for her...:0)


Jennifer said...

What a cool Mom you are! That is such a sweet thing to do for Heather. I bet she was so excited about her new room.
A girls room is her sanctuary....especially during her teenage years. I can't even begin to tell you how much time I spent in my room. Some days I would stay in my room 90 percent of the day....just reading, talking on the phone, listening to the radio...just doing girl stuff. I loved having MY own space.

mornin'lady said...

It turned out absolutely beautiful!! The bow was cool and her face at the door is priceless!
We are working on rooms too, getting ready for school and setting things in order, what an inspiration you have been :) Thanks for sharing, I so enjoyed this!

Mary said...

Fantastic job! I LOVE that comforter. I have an asian themed studio, so I think this is just AWESOME!


Melinda said...

This room is awesome!!!

Is there anything you can't do?!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jennifer...when I want to get away from the Puppies, and Don..I just go to my room! It should always be your Haven! Love it!