Jun 16, 2008

A new DO!!!

I got me a new DO!!! OK...so you give a person hours upon hours with no real rhyme or reason to her day...and she gets creative. No, not creative like polishing the badly needed tile floor. No not creative like catching up on some much needed sewing. I am talking about a darastic change! I had noticed that I was always pulling my hair back. It was just too hot to leave it down. So a clip...every single day. My darling made the comment to me one day....why do you condition your hair if all you do is pull it back? Hmm...good question. So I gots me a new do! Its bouncy! Fluffy! I love it.
I cant wait for the real makeover...which will come on Thursday when I have my front teeth fixed. I reckon only a couple more visits before the whitening...then I will be done with the dentist! WOOHOOOO!!! What a trek it has been.
Anyways. Tomorrow is stamping day! I cant wait!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my,,it is so cute. I love your new do!

Anonymous said...

From the picture w/long hair to now...Gosh it made you look 10 years younger.....IT LOOKS GREAT! You Look Beautiful!

My hair is very very long, thick & curly..during summer it stays on top but I wear it down in the winter...it's my neck warmer...

Your kids will be shocked when they get back.....but they will love it!

Moose Ridge said...

now you know why I went from almost waist length to above the collar -- all that ever happened was that it got yanked back out of my face! It looks great!!!


Anonymous said...

WOWeee Becky ! You look Gorgeous! Sexy too! I would of not recognized you..such a difference and you look so much younger!

Funny you mention dentist! I too, have to make an unexpected trip to mine today and another time this week yet..eegads, thought I was done!


Robin said...

Love the new "do"! You look fabulous! I've never been able to have long hair - it drives me nuts. But I love having my hair short and yours looks wonderful on you.

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!! You look so young. Your beautiful!! Love Ya!! Hootie

Melinda said...

Whoot whoo!

You look amazing!!!

I absolutely love your new do!!!

Debbie said...

I love your new "do". Very flattering. It looks easy to take care of, too.