Jun 21, 2008

Im back!

Hey look ya'all! I can upload pics and post again! WHOOOHOOO! Of course right now I dont have time to post a big ol post. We are heading out for camping in just a bit. Its the last weekend without the girls and I am uber excited to get them back home. I know they have had fun, but ohhh I miss them.

I made a whirlwind trip to see Lori yesterday. (& Amy and George too!!) HAD A BLAST! I got to play and make more stuff and meet her lovely family. THANK YOU FRIEND for being so hospitable! I love you as a friend--mean it like a sister!

Anyways. Heres a card I have been trying to post all week. Isnt Gruff toooooo cute?? Hes a popup card, where if you pull the ends of the card the saying pops up. CUTE HUH???
I love you dear friends. Have a fabulous weekend! --- be blessed!--b


Patty Williams said...

Good to see you :)

Oh my, isn't he just too adorable! The sentiment...well... probably something I could use often ! LOL

Cute as a bug!

Debbie said...

What a cute card! I've never done one of those popup cards. I feel like I'm like that little Gruffie. I bought some Tootsie Roll midgees and I've eaten half the bag!