May 9, 2008


I didnt realise that I was taking a picture of one of the ones that I hadnt finished coloring. But this is the invite that I made for Heather's end of the year party next week. She and her friends are very into the Ninja's and oriental stuff, so I found this little guy on line. I just printed him in black and white on cardstock and then colored him. The inside just has the legits of the party.

Many people do show and tell on Friday's on their blogs. I wanted to share something with you that I hold very dear to my heart. If youve followed my blog for very long at all, you know that Twinkle is exactly that. The Twinkle of my eye. My darling husband got her for me almost 9 months ago. A surprise to me since he told me I couldnt have another cat until Jenny passed away. I had pretty much sucombed to the idea that I would never get one. As I strongly believe Jenny is going to out live us all.

I love her feet the mostest! The way she curls her toes. They just look soooo adorable! Like she has little mittens on!!
I love the fact that each and every day she has something new to make me laugh. I love the fact that she is with me almost all day every day. Usually basking in the sun in her window seat that is right above my desk. I love how she takes life with so much energy. When she plays...she plays hard. When she sleeps...she sleeps hard.

I know that she is JUST a cat. I know that her life is jellybeans compared to so many other things in the world. But for me, she is inspiration. She is love. She is a part of our family.

Be blessed--B


Melinda said...

This makes me wish I weren't allergic to cats!

And I don't think she is "Just" a cat. She is so much more. She is a gift from God and she brings you joy. (along with lizards, but we won't go there.)

Lori Stilger said...

:D That's my Twink!!!!
Miss you, Beck! Sorry I've been kind of scarce - today I've been in an awful, depressed kinda mood. NOT a fun person today, I swear. ::::SIGH::::
Love you!!!!

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful cat Becky!
I am a cat lover. This post was touching. She isn't "just a cat" she is a part of your family and your friend. Anyone can see that from the sweet pictures.

I'm in love with your kitty cat!!

We love our little Daisy too. We have so much fun with her.

Have a great weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww..what a sweetie! We love our furbabies too! They have so much personality!