May 8, 2008


Is anyone else out there ready for beach time? I know I am!! Bella is colored with Copics. Pretty straight forward eh?

Lizard drama: Well, I *polishing nails* managed to get Lizard #3 out! Now mind you this was ONLY after trapping it under a cup. Losing it again and going many rounds of under the fridge out from under the fridge, around the cabinets, under the table, back under the fridge. Me armed with my broom, my cup and my dustpan...and very little wits. Him and his wiggly little butt. He finally gave up the fight and made his way out the door and down through a crack in the deck. I think he is just as happy as I am. Twinkle has been cyboshed to outside today. I have decided that if the lizards are already in the house they obviously have been doing it for sometime now and I had never seen one. So they can go on doing whatever they do. And of course the other way for them to come in is in her mouth...and she can just torture them outside. I personally, do not feel the need to take part in her escapades any longer.
Hope that you are conquering what is being thrown at you. Keep fighting. As for me, this is one battle I am choosing to walk away from. I know God says I can do all things through Him. But I have tested my Lizard hunting skills 3 times. PROOF ENOUGH FOR ME!! I got the picture, Lord. Can we move on to something else? No wait...I didnt say that. What will it be next? Snakes? Oh dear Lord, no, cant I just go back to my boring and quiet days?
Be blessed...B

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