May 5, 2008

Dentist....Knocks me on my tail EVERY time!

So sorry to be missing in action. I had another round of dental work last week. I am closer and closer to a beautiful white mouth...but dang I hate the fact that it litterally takes me OUT of the picture for days.

Last week was Heather's final band concert of the year. YEHAW! First year flute is over! Isnt she beautiful? She did fabulous and they sounded wonderful of course!

Hannah was invited to Sarah's Birthday party last week too, and they had someone there painting faces. Talk about amazing stuff! She did dog faces that REALLY transformed the kids. I am talking like THEATRE work! I was proud of my eagle:

And of course my Tiger:

Then on for the excitement of my day today. I dont know HOW and I dont know WHERE and I definitely dont know WHY...but I have had TWO--yes you read that correct, two lizards in my house this morning!!! After chasing the first one around (fighting twinkle for it) I got him outside. We were BOTH tramatized and Twinkle was miffed that we interrupted her playtime. Then not even an hour later ANOTHER one!!! No, it wasnt the same one...I checked--he's still sunbathing on the deck....wiggling--but very little. This one was BIGGER and FASTER! And ewwwwwww. I was so proud of Twink. She caught him and took him right out the door I was sooshing her out of. GOOD KITTY. But wait!!! She went around the house and brought him back in through the back door! DANG! DANG! DANG! I caught him again and he now has joined his friend sunbathing. And Twink...GONE! I cant find her. So either she has FOUND where they are coming from and is sitting perch or has decided that is enough excitement and headed up for an afternoon siesta on one of the beds. EWWW...she has Lizard mouth! GROSS!!

So, what great things are being thrown in your direction today? Are you conquering them? Be blessed!!--b


MizB said...

LOL... Lizards, eh?

Back in 2004, my husband found a gecko inside one of the shipping crates at his workplace... it came all the way from Mexico! What's hubby do? He brings it home, and calls it our new pet!

I don't like reptiles... never have. I told hubby so, and he said that they'd found kittens the week before -- my jaw dropped, and when I recovered I asked him, "Well, why didn't you bring THOSE home as pets instead of the gecko?!!!"

Crazy man!

Anyway... That gecko -- named "ZigZag" or "Ziggy" for short -- was part of our little family for 3 years. He just died this past December. And, ya know... I was just startin' to like the little guy, too (so long as he stayed inside his terrarium!) :-?

Moose Ridge said...

so, no kitty kisses for you until we've brushed those kitty teeth, LOL???

missed you!


Anonymous said...

EWWWW...Im amazed that you got them out yourself...I would have covered them with a pot (or something they couldnt move) till Don got home!

Anonymous said...