Apr 8, 2008


As I was reading this morning. In Jeremiah 7:3 (THE MESSAGE) it says something to the effect of making ourselves and our places clean. Which also reminded me of a Shaker saying that says that the spirit cannot reside somewhere that is not clean. That we must make not only our personal bodies worthy of residence for the Lord but also our own homes. I am working diligently on "straightening up" both of them. Remember, if Jesus called today and said He was coming for dinner...would you freak out? Or is your home worthy of His presence?

Isnt this little note book adorable! Found it in Michaels Dollar Bins. It was just plain, but imagine it--they had matching ribbon right there beside them! They just screamed to go together. I thought it was just too cute!

So today...go and be blessed! Focus on becoming a worthy temple of the spirit!--B

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Jennifer said...

I too am working on both today. I just got home from the gym, now I am getting ready to clean my bathrooms (which I detest doing!, then studying my Sunday school lesson.

Good post.

Don't you just LOVE those $$ bins.