Apr 6, 2008

Hi friends...

Wasnt it JUST Monday? Gosh. Where did the week go? I guess that it has nothing to do with the fact that I have had the cold from heck and have spent my days going from peg to post? *hmph* Who knows. But in any case it IS almost Monday.

I wanted to share with you my SATURDAY as a bunch of us got together for stampin!! Our Tennessee Stampers group had our annual Knoxville meet this weekend and it was so awesome to see everyone again. The good friends and of course all of the Newbies.

This card taught by Kathie was sooooo cool! As you can see in the first shot the image is simply black and then as you pull up on the slider it gives way to COLOR. Neato huh?

This is my ill attempt with powder kegs and layering the colors. As you can tell I ended up with a splash of color everywhere. It was fun. But I do believe I got glitter in more places than on my card.
And one of the Journal books that Sandy taught. Tho I was an idiot and bound it backwards at first. Sealing the book up tight. Cute and sooo easy (IF you know how to bind it right)!

And the dryer sheet technique. I soooooo love this look!

OK...so what great things do YOU have planned for the week. "ANYTHING" in particular? Maybe YOU need to update YOUR blog? I have done mine! Now its your turn!

Go--be blessed!--B

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Jennifer said...

How fun!
I bet you guys have a blast getting together like that...doing what you all enjoy!
I see that it is in Knoxville. I can't remember if I ever told you that I live in Kingsport, TN...about 1 1/2 from Knoxville.